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Sabelli-Frisch La Malinche Mission

Sabelli-Frisch La Malinche Mission

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Adam Sabelli-Frisch works with some of the oldest vines in America. He takes these rare old plantings and makes the wine in an urban winery in Los Angeles. Mission is the oldest grape in America and is partly to thank for what we have today from one of the best wine-producing countries in the world. Today it’s a very rare grape (also known as Pais in Spain and the old world), almost fully replaced by more fashionable varieties.

Somers Vineyard might have some of the oldest Mission vines in the US, estimated to be planted around 1900. The site is situated right next to the river in the Mokelumne River in Lodi, California. When we first tasted this wine it reminded us of what the best Northern Spanish vineyards are producing. It is akin to a light Grenache with a touch of California sunshine; cranberries, cherries and raspberries dominate the profile with a wild strawberry, peppery edge. Think of it as light a spicy Pinot with a touch more body and tannin. Superb if served a touch chilled, this is an authentic look into the old wines that made California what it is today.

Country of origin- USA 

Grape- Mission

Country: USA
Primary Grape Variety: Mission
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