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Bourgogne Rouge 'La Taupe' 2021 Chavy Chouet

Bourgogne Rouge 'La Taupe' 2021 Chavy Chouet

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Chavy-Chouet's Pinot Noir, though modestly labeled as Bourgogne Rouge, hides an impressive secret. Its fruit is sourced from venerable 70-year-old vines located just beneath the Clos du Château de Pommard. This unassuming label belies the wine's prestigious origins. Renowned for his exceptional white wines from Puligny-Montrachet and Meursault, winemaker Romaric Chavy brings his expertise to this comparatively rare red. The wine captivates with its fragrant red berry fruit and hints of earthy spice, all underpinned by superb structure and balance. It's an undiscovered gem offering remarkable value, showcasing the depth of talent behind Chavy-Chouet's winemaking.

Country of origin- France 

Grape- Pinot noir 


Country: France
Primary Grape Variety: Pinot noir
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