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Baxter 'Openlander' Chardonnay

Baxter 'Openlander' Chardonnay

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On the nose this Chablis-like Chardonnay expresses sophisticated accents of orange blossom and lime zest with anise and bees’ wax undertones. Once sipped, crisp acid gives way to balanced flavors of starfruit, kumquat and wet riverstone as well as an elegant silky texture. Subtle yeasty flavors of puffed rice round out the mouthfeel as delicate jasmine florals meld with meyer lemon. It’s bright minerality and naturally low alcohol levels offer a wonderful lasting freshness. Aged in neutral French oak this Chardonnay possesses complex structure and elegant poise.

Country of origin- USA 

Grape- Chardonnay 

Country: USA
Primary Grape Variety: Chardonnay
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